Abandoned Vehicles


Whenever any vehicle shall be found parked in violation of any law or any ordinance of the City now or hereafter in force, such vehicle shall be removed, upon the authorization of the Chief of Police, or the watch commander, to the official impounding parking area. Provided: no vehicle shall be towed away if at the time of the intended removal the owner or person for tirne being in charge thereof, is present and shall express a willingness and intention to immediately remove such vehicle. (Ord. 5626. Passed 7-7-94.)

 521.01 Parking in prohibited areas    521.08 Selling from parked cars
 521.02 Parking limited in designated areas    521.09 Overnight parking prohibited in Certain Areas
 521.03 Blocking garage entrance    521.10 Parking to obstruct sidewalks
 521.04 Greasing or repair work    521.11 Prohibited parking places.
 521.05 Unlicensed vehicles    521.12 Parking by facilities used for governmental purposes 
 521.06 Parking Truck and trailers    521.13   


 521.07 Storage of vehicles on streets,      

CROSS REFERENCES ; Prohibited parking areas - see 75 P.S. §1021 Parking unattended vehicle - see 75 P.S. §1022 Power to regulate parking - see 75 P.S. §1103(a) Parking on sidewalk - see TRAF. 511.03 Resident permit parking - see TRAF Art. 522

521.01 PARKING IN PROHIBITED AREAS - When signs prohibiting parking are erected lawfully giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle at any time upon any of the streets or part of streets designated as prohibited parking areas by the Traffic Control Maps or by temporary regulations in conformity with Article 503. (Ord. 5723 §1. Approved 7-24-97)

521.02 PARKING LIMITED IN DESIGNATED AREAS. - When signs limiting parking are erected lawfully giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle longer than the time permitted, nor during specified hours when parking is prohibited, upon any streets or parts of streets designated as limited parking areas by the Traffic Control Maps or by temporary regulations in conformity with Article 503. (Ord. 5723 §2. Approved 7-24-97)

521.03 BLOCKING GARAGE ENTRANCE. - No person shall park a vehicle at any time in front of, opposite to or in such a position as to block entrance to or exit by a vehicle from a garage. (Ord. 5723 §3. Approved 7-24-97)

521.04 GREASING OR REPAIR WORK. - No vehicle shall stand on any street or sidewalk for the purpose of greasing or repair work except in the case of emergency repair. (Ord. 5723 §3. Approved 7-24-97)

521.05 UNLICENSED VEHICLES. - No vehicle shall stand or be parked upon any street unless the same bears a motor vehicle license evidencing that it has been currently registered as a motor vehicle under the provisions of the Vehicle Code. (Ord. 5723 §5. Approved 7-24-97)

521.06 PARKING TRUCK AND TRAILERS. - No truck trailer or trailer shall be parked upon any street without having attached thereto a means of mechanical traction so constructed or designed for the purpose of pulling or drawing such trailer. (Ord. 5723 §6. Approved 7-24-97)

521.07 STORAGE OF VEHICLES ON STREETS. - No vehicle shall be stored upon any street. As used herein, "stored" means the parking of a vehicle in one place upon any street continuously for over seventy-two hours. (Ord. 5723 §7. Approved 7-24-97)

521.08 SELLING FROM PARKED VEHICLES. - No person shall park a vehicle upon any street for the purpose of offering for sale or selling there from any goods, wares or merchandise. (Ord. 5723 §8. Approved 7-24-97)

521.09 OVERNIGHT PARKING PROHIBITED IN CERTAIN AREAS. - When signs are erected lawfully giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle longer than thirty minutes between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. (Ord. 5723 §9. Approved 7-24-97)

521.10 PARKING TO OBSTRUCT SIDEWALKS. - No vehicle shall be parked on public or private property in such a manner that any part of the vehicle shall overhang a sidewalk or any other pedestrian right-of-way customarily used by pedestrians for passage. (Ord. 5723 §10. Approved 7-24-97)

521.11 PROHIBITED PARKING PLACES. - No person shall park a vehicle or tractor in any of the following places:

(a)  Within an intersection.

(b)  On a crosswalk.

(c)  Within twenty-five feet from the intersection of curb lines, or, if none, then within fifteen feet of the intersection of property lines at an intersection of highways.

(d)  Within thirty feet upon the approach to any official flashing signal, stop sign or traffic signal located at the side of the roadway.

(e)  Within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant.

(f)   In front of a public or private highway. 

(g)  On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb or edge of the highway.

(h)  Except when necessary in obedience to traffic regulations or traffic signs or signals or where angle parking is permitted, the operator of a vehicle shall not stop, stand or park such vehicle on the highway within a business or residence district other than parallel with the edge of the highway, headed in the direction of traffic, and with the curb side of the vehicle within six inches of the edge of the highway or curb. Vehicles, which because of type or construction cannot load or unload parallel to the curb, shall be exempt, while loading or unloading only, from the requirements of standing parallel to the curb.

(i)  On any highway with the vehicle facing in a direction other than the direction of travel on that side of the highway.

(j)  Within any bus zone or commercial vehicle loading zone.

(k) Within any area reserved for handicapped or severely disabled veteran unless the

vehicle is bearing a handicapped or severely disabled veteran plate or displaying a handicapped or severely disabled veteran parking placard as prescribed in the Motor Vehicle Code.